SWD Hosting News: 

January 3, 2020: Rate increase by $1 /month for Starter and Value plans is in effect

Nov 2019: Hosting package rate increase effective 2020 for Value and Starter plans. Since our inception in 2006, we have never increased our rates. With increased storage costs it is now necessary to increase costs by $1 per month.

August 2018: PHP 7.3 enabled for hosting packages

July 2018: We will be updating out Linux 2 Plesk panel to offer greater dependability. PHP upgrades to follow.

May 2017: Now supporting PHP 7

January 1, 2016: We no longer provide email accounts on our web hosting servers.  This is an unsupported service.  We will provide email forwarding only or encourage you to move to a professional business email system like Microsoft Office 365 or GSuite.

June 2015: Final month of Windows hosting.  Now offering Microsoft Office 365 and GSuite integration.

April 2015: Decommissioning Windows server beginning this month. All Windows clients will be automatically moved to the new server. Watch your email for notices.


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